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There are two different ways to change your keypad dialer. You can either put a static photograph under the buttons or you can theme it. I'm going to cover the photograph method first.

A reader ("Killagain") let me know about this mod which uses a template originally made by "Jhonny202003". I really liked this mod, and decided to take "Jhonny202003's" .psd he provided and made some important changes to it. This tutorial is based on this guide from

The PSD template file I provide in this tutorial will allow anyone to put their own custom image on a layer and still keep the stock Apple keypad (with numbers, letters, symbols and the gray grid delineating the buttons) superimposed over it. I came extremely close to matching the font and size: numbers are Helvetica bold 34 point and the letters are Helvetica bold 5 point. I'll let you judge the difference, it's imperceptible.

iPhone       iPhone

Here's what it looks like when you press a button.



I will be using Fugu to upload the files in this tutorial. These instructions can be applied to any files you want to add to your iPhone, provided you already have SSH installed. If you have not installed BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH, or BossPrefs (via the Installer) or used Fugu before, then you must read this tutorial first.

Step 1.

Launch Fugu and navigate to the /Applications/ folder and download the files MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork, and DefaultDialer.png. I highly recommend making duplicates of these files and putting them somewhere safe should you need to restore them. Place the downloaded files on your desktop.



Step 2.

Download the iPhoneShop-0.6.jar file from the iPhoneShop project site and place it on your desktop.


Step 3.

Make a folder on the desktop, and call it pngs.


Step 4.

Find an image you want to use for your keypad. It must be 320 pixels in width by 273 pixels in height. You'll also need to superimpose the numbers for the keypad over your image, or you're going to have to guess where the buttons are.

I've simplified this issue by providing this template graphic in PSD format which will allow you to layer the numbers and letters, and the separator lines over your image.

In this image you see the template file I provide with all the layers turned on. Your image goes on the "your picture goes here" layer. The "Apple stock image" layer is the grid that divides the buttons. You could also turn off the visibility of the numbers or the letters if you want.

When you are done compiling your graphic, simply save it as a png file and name it MobilePhonePackedImages-30.png


Step 5.

On your Mac, go to your Applications folder and then go into the Utilities folder and find the program called Terminal. Note that when typing in the Terminal, everything is case sensitive. So watch your capital letters and lower case letters. Do not interchange them, they won't work. Be careful to enter spaces where needed and watch your slashes /.


To easily determine the path to the iPhoneShop-0.6.jar on your desktop, do the following. Open the Terminal. Drag the iPhoneShop-0.6.jar into the Terminal. It will show you the path and the file name of the program.



Now you need to simplify this line of text. Use the delete key to backup in the Terminal window and erase the part that says iPhoneShop-0.6.jar    Your screen should now look like this.


Now use the left arrow key to go all the way to the beginning of this line. Then type:
followed by a space. Then use the right arrow key to go to the end of the line, then press return. Your screen should now look like this.


It might be easier if you cut and paste the line below into the Terminal.

java -jar iPhoneShop-0.6.jar ARTWORK MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork export ./pngs/


Press return. iPhoneShop will now export the .artwork file contents into the pngs folder.


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