iPhone modders' flowchart (first generation iPhones only)

Attention: This flowchart was created a very long time ago, back when AnySIM version 1.0 came out. This particular version of AnySIM corrupted basebands causing issues when 1.1.1 firmware came out. If you are running 1.1.1 firmware and your iPhone works fine, then you can ignore this flowchart. This flowchart really only exists for those running firmwares prior to 1.1.1 and who may have used an early software or hardware unlocking tool that corrupted the baseband. If this was the case, then you'd need to "virginize" the baseband so that you do not get a corrupted IMEI which would prevent your iPhone from working properly.

Every first generation (EDGE only) iPhone on the planet can be modified and unlocked.

I will not answer any e-mail questions about this chart. If all this information is too much for you, then I offer a mail-in repair service. Click here for details.

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