Importing SIM card contacts

For whatever crazy reason, the iPhone can not import contacts from a SIM card. No problem. Just go to my repository and download the program called SIMport. It will read the contents of your SIM card and allow you to select what contacts you would like to import. If you don't know how to add my repository to your Installer sources, then read this tutorial.

Step 1.

Once you've installed SIMport from my repository, launch it from the SpringBoard. It will read your SIM card and then present all your contacts. It will check them automatically, but you can uncheck them all and then select them one at a time. When you are ready to import your contacts, press Import.

iPhone       iPhone

When it has finished importing, it will tell you how many contacts it imported, and how many failed to import. At this point you should launch the Installer, press the Uninstall tab and select SIMport, then press the Uninstall button.

iPhone       iPhone

Go back to the phone program and press your Contacts button, and you will see your imported contacts. Piece of cake.


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