How to activate, jailbreak and unlock 1.1.4 firmware with PwnageTool
(3.9 / 4.6 bootloader)

intel Mac

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PwnageTool is the latest program from the iPhone Dev Team. It will allow you to jailbreak, activate and unlock your iPhone using the safest methods yet. Instead of using a dedicated program to hack into the firmware already on the iPhone, iTunes itself is now used to restore your iPhone with the hacks already included in the firmware. PwnageTool is based on an exploit found in the lower levels of the iPhone and iPod Touch bootloaders. This allows for the execution of unsigned code. To learn more read here, and here.

Thanks go out to: asap18, bgm, Bugout, bushing, chris, dinopio, drudge, Fred_, ghost_000, gray, kroo, MuscleNerd, NerveGas, netkas, np101137, planetbeing, pr3d4t0r, pumpkin, pytey, roxfan, sam, Turbo, w___, wizdaz, and Zf.

Here is a movie the iPhone Dev Team released to demonstrate how PwnageTool works.

Before I get into this tutorial, please do not email with your personal scenario about your iPhone and if this will work or not. There is no way I can possibly know everything. This is what worked for me.

The iPhone I used was running 1.1.4 firmware with 04.02.13_G baseband and was unlocked via iNdependence. It also had the 4.6 bootloader. When I restored it, the unlock was gone. I then tried using iLiberty+ (version 1.5) and it would not unlock the iPhone. It did however downgrade the bootloader to 3.9 fake blank. I tried this twice. It did everything but unlock the iPhone. Enter PwnageTool after a fresh restore via DFU mode.

Here is a great FAQ for PwnageTool at Hackint0sh.


You should read my Warning to all iPhone owners page before proceeding.

Step 1.

Download PwnageTool version 1.1 here.

Step 2.

Download the 1.1.4 firmware here.

Step 3.

Put your iPhone in restore mode (not DFU) by plugging it in to your Mac, and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears (about 20 seconds). Release the Sleep/Wake button, and continue holding the Home button until the connect to iTunes graphic is displayed.



Step 4.

Unzip the PwnageTool zip file you downloaded earlier, and launch the program.


You'll be prompted to check for updates to PwnageTool automatically.


Click the Browse .ipsw button.


A file browser window will open. Navigate to where your 1.1.4 ipsw file is. Select it, and click Open.


You should see similar output in a few seconds.


Click the iPwner button and more text will appear in the program window. Note: If your iPhone just sits at the recovery mode screen and iPwner appears to be frozen, put the iPhone into DFU mode while still connected to iPwner. iPwner should notice the iPhone is in DFU mode, and tell you to put it back into recovery mode. Do this and it should work now (at least it did for me the only time this ever happened).


Text will now scroll on the iPhone screen.


A drop down message will appear.


Code will slowly scroll up the iPhone's screen.


The iPhone will reboot with the PwnageTool logo instead of the silver Apple.


The slide for emergency screen returned. At least it did for me.


The status area of PwnageTool continued to report: "Successfully started "pwning" on your iPhone/iPod." It should say: "Successfully "pwned" your iPhone/iTouch."

I manually put the iPhone back into restore mode (wait for the pineapple graphic to appear this time, not the Apple). The Steve Jobs "surprise" graphic appeared (it replaces the connect to iTunes graphic).


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