Installing snes4iphone (a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator)

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Emulators for almost every old hunk of junk computer (I personally programmed with BASIC on an Atari 400) or video game console have been around for ages. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is no exception. There is a project called snes4iphone which is being developed by ZodTTD.


I will be using Fugu to upload the files in this tutorial. These instructions can be applied to any files you want to add to your iPhone, provided you already have SSH installed. If you have not installed BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH, or BossPrefs (via the Installer) or used Fugu before, then you must read this tutorial first.

Step 1.

Launch Installer and click the Install icon. Press the Games folder and scoll down the list to find the ZodTTD Required Library. Install it. Then go back to the Games folder and install snes4iphone. Install the application and press Home to relaunch the SpringBoard when it has finished.

iPhone       iPhone

When you slide to unlock, you'll see the new program icon on the SpringBoard. The application is now installed.


Step 2.

Now you need to get your original Super NES games and move them to the iPhone. Please do not e-mail me asking me how to do this, or where to find games, I will not reply. I do not condone the illegal piracy of copyrighted Nintendo games, and I provide no support in obtaining or using pirated images.

Step 3.

Launch Fugu and navigate to /var/mobile/Media/


Now click New Folder and make a folder called ROMs. Make sure this folder is created Remotely and click Create.


Now double click the ROMs folder and click the New Folder button again. Make a folder called SNES.


Once your games are installed, you need to set their permissions so that they will run. Right click each file in turn, and select Get Info. Then set the Octal Mode Representation to 0755.



Step 4.

When you launch snes4iphone you will see your list of installed games. Note the Settings button. It may take a few seconds until you can scroll the full list of games. The bottom quarter of the screen is an ad frame so you may have to wait until it loads before you can see everything you have installed.


Games are hit and miss as far as playability and the sound.


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