Movie director David Lynch comments on the experience of watching a movie on an iPhone...

Saturday Night Live had an interesting skit where they do a parody of the new iPhone commercials. If you look closely at the iPhone used here, it not only has been hacked because the Installer icon is on it and the iTunes Music Store Icon is on the left, but it might be unlocked too based on how long the text is where the carrier name should be. It could also just say no service.

Some people sure like putting their iPhones through torture tests. In this particular video, PC World dishes out some ground dropping punishment.

And then you have people like this...

Nice magic tricks with an iPhone posted by Marco Tempest from Virtual Magician over at YouTube. Just click the image below to play the movie. Spoiler (highlight to read): Very nice job timing his performance with the movie he made and played back on the iPhone.

Semiconductor Insights does a break down on the iPhone components.

David Pogue, author of "iPhone: The Missing Manual" brings us this odd little performance...

Late Night with Conan O'Brien had a funny skit on the iPhone and how it can do everything.

Saturday Night Live loves to parody Steve Jobs. Here he is introducing the iPhone.

MADtv parodies Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone.

Where do these people come from? Here we have the folks from putting an iPhone into a blender to make a smoothie.

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